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Offers Nasal, Nasopharyngoscopy, Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy, and Colonoscopy. These medical fiberscopes are intended for the observation, diagnosis and endoscopic treatment for nasopharynx,larynx, trachea, bronchi, esophagus, stomach, dudenum and the colon. Used for diagnosis of ulcers, neoplasms & biopsy.


Consistently awarded with an excellent performance rating by the Department of Health- Bureau of Research & Laboratories. With a citation for exemplary performance in external assessment programs for 5 consecutive years. Highly automated and equipped with the latest in diagnostic equipment. Offers a complete line of laboratory tests with quality & accuracy as its utmost concern

Immunology/ Serology Unit- Equipped with the IMX system, Mini Vidas and Axsym for hepatitis profile, HIV testing, Thyroid function tests, Tumor/Cancer Markers (PSA,CEA, AFP, CA125, CA153 ), Fertility testing and Therapeutic Drug monitoring.

Drug Testing Ė SPHMC Drug Testing Laboratory is a private, institution-based screening laboratory that can perform screening test for shabu and marijuana.With the use of an automated system, Drug Test Operation Management Information System (DTOMIS)  which is developed by DOH we can now conduct drug tests for all types of clients such as those required to undergo mandatory drug testing like applicants for driverís and firearmís license, officers and members of the military, police and other law enforcers, and candidates for public office. We can also do random random drug testing for students of secondary and tertiary schools and for officers and employees of government and private offices. We are capable of on-site drug testing by special arrangement with all necessary permits as required by DOH. There is also a designated room for drug testing within the laboratory which complies with all the technical requirements set by DOH. The head of drug testing laboratory, Dr. Abegayle Machelle Perez-Chua and the analyst have both undergone training on drug testing conducted by DOH to ensure the competency and integrity of drug testing operations and help the government in achieving the collective vision of a drug-free Philippines.      

Drug Testing Unit- for screening and confirmatory testing of dangerous drug use like "shabu" & Marijuana.

Microbiology Section- With an automated blood culture apparatus and an antibiotic removal device for culture and sensitivity



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