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Offers all types of x-ray procedures including contrast studies manned by highly trained and experienced technicians.

CT SCAN - whole body scanner which provides multiple high resolution images with official readings by recognized leaders in the field of CT scanning in the country.

Ultrasound Unit - equipped with the latest ultrasound imaging system in the market today. Giving finely detailed anatomical resolution with excellent dynamic contrast, tissue range and penetration. Intended for use in the ff. areas: fetal, Ob-gyn, abdomen, small organs, transcranial, transrectal & transvaginal.


Spirometry(Pulmonary Function Test) tests the respiratory systems ability to maintain ventilation and oxygenation

Blood Gas Determination(ABG)-determines the oxygenation of arterial blood as well as its pH

Electroencephalogram(EEG)- an electrodiagnostic test to observe and measure brain activity

Audiometry - test to assess hearing status and possible cause of impairment

2D Echo - for assessment of various cardiac anomalies viewed in real time. Also available are color flow imaging and doppler studies plus TCD (transcranial doppler) for cranial ultrasound

Stress Test - for the assessment of the cardiovascular system's functional capacity as the patients undergo a controlled activity on a motorized treadmill.

Ct-Scan & Radiology




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