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Medical Services

            Saint Patrick's Hospital Emergency Department is composed of a group of adult emergency physician trained in Emergency Medicine. The Emergency Department can handle medical, surgical and toxicology emergencies in adult and children 24 hours a day. It is well staffed and equipped with personnel trained in the latest guidelines for adult and pediatric resuscitation. The latest in diagnostic modalities and therapeutics can be made available to patient on a timely basis.



ACUTE CARE UNIT- Minor topnotch emergency medical care to our  patients. With its own operating room to accommodate minor surgical procedures.

ACUTE CARDIOVASCULAR UNIT- adjacent to the emergency room this unit functions as a special area for critical patients (i.e. heart attack or stroke victims) equipped with a defibrillator, pulse oximeter and cardiac monitor.


INTERMEDIATE  CARE UNIT (IMCU) - unit use to render immediate new born care after delivery of the baby prior to rooming in the baby with the mother.

NEONATAL INTENSIVE CARE UNIT (NICU) - for premature babies and newborns with special medical needs. With incubators and respirators specifically designated for their use.

INTENSIVE CARE UNIT- equipped with  respirators for patients requiring ventilatory support, cardiac monitors, parenteral pumps, enteral pumps and other modern equipment necessary for the care of the critically ill patient.


PHYSICAL THERAPY & REHAB UNIT- for treatment and physical therapy/rehabilitation of post stroke or MI patients as well as various orthopedic and neurologic conditions. Occupational therapy also available.


OPERATING ROOM- with 4 hour operating theaters and a delivery room.

RECOVERY /POST-ANESTHESIA CARE UNIT- adjacent to the operating theaters.

INDUSTRIAL CLINIC- oversees and facilitates benefits extended to employees of various companies with a health care agreement with the hospital. This unit provide occupational Health Services to various companies.


EMPLOYEES' COMPENSATION COMMISSION (ECC) INDUSTRIAL CLINIC- designated for the province of Batangas. Conducts FREE annual physical examination packages to qualified companies as well as safety checks on site.






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