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Welcome to the Official Website of St. Patrick's Hospital Medical Center


Diabetes Education Center

In cooperation with the Philippine Diabetes Education Foundation Inc., St. Patrick's Hospital Medical Center opened the Batangas Center for Diabetes Education last October 18, 2001

For more information:

Diabetes Education


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St. Patrick is Online!!!

An email was made for selected Departments. 

A Directory of email addresses will be added to the webpage soon.


Wound Healing Center

The Philippine Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound Healing has been treating patients with complicated wounds.

From Diabetic foot or Vascular problems and Burns. 

for more information, 

visit their website at:



Drug therapies for Diabetes

If there is no improvement in blood sugar what advice can I expect my doctor to give?

There are drug therapies using oral hypoglycemic agents. Your doctor can prescribe one or two agents, depending on which is appropriate for you.


1. Sulfonylurea 

    Glibenclamide, Gliclazide, Glipizide, Glimepiride, Repaglinide


2. Biguanide 



3. Alpha-glucosidase Inhibitors



4. Thiazolidindione

    Troglitazone, Rosiglitazone, Proglitazone, Insulin



SPHMC Multi-purpose Cooperative Ambulance is now ready for service.

        The Multipurpose Cooperative under the chairmanship Dr. Michael Francis M. Perez, organized on August 22, 2001 has a capitalization on One Million Pesos equivalent to 2000 shares at a par value of P500 per share. the original 35 members decided to put up am ambulance service to meet the needs of patients at SPHMC and suburbs. 

It is currently the best equipped Ambulance in the City. 



     SPHMC in its effort to maintain the systematic and practical application of good housekeeping as well as its role in productivity, improvement recently launched the 5S programs.

      This program targets the participation of all employees simple enough to understand, implement and has the ability to produce visible results. The organization of the hospital 5'S committee has been formed to provide the general direction for the quality improvement activities. The 5S program is presently carried out and practices are being sustained. Everyone is encourage to be responsible for creating a suitable environment and enables everybody within the health facility to participate.



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